8 Custom Shoes Ordering Myths

Custom Shoes Ordering: 8 Frequent Myths

Welcome to the world of online shopping, a virtual marketplace that brings shoppers and sellers together. Regardless of the distance or other logistical problems that separate them, the buyer can finalize a contract with the seller with the touch of a button. Among a number of other products, custom shoes seem to be one of the most popular goods sold online.

Shopping custom shoes online on POD site
Shopping custom shoes online on POD site

 However, not every online shoe purchase transaction goes properly. Here are some of the things that can go wrong when ordering shoes online, as well as how to avoid throwing your money out of the window.

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The Incorrect Custom Shoes Size

When it comes to shoes, the biggest mistake you can make is not checking the size. It’s much easier to find the right size when you buy your shoes from a local shoe store because you can try on the shoes you like before you buy them.

You can try the shoes at the shop
You can try the shoes at the shop

Shopping online, on the other hand, is a unique experience. Buyers make such errors when they are drawn in by the glistening photos on the website rather than checking out the features and specs of the products on offer. The image of the shoes can be distracting at times. Many people even neglect the fact that they are unable to order the correct size of their custom shoes just because these are their favorite shoes. Remember to read the review of the customer to see whether the exact size of the shoes is your size. 

Unpleasant Custom Shoes 

Uncomfortable shoes can cause pain and discomfort in your feet, driving you to return them since you can no longer walk in them. The majority of new shoes are the same, but if the pain does not go away, you will need to return them to the shop. Before you wear them outside, make sure they’re fit by walking with them many times at home.

Use your custom shoes at home first
Use your custom shoes at home first

It’s a poor experience if you wish to get cool custom shoes for better walking comfort feeling but instead, you were sold a pair of shoes that cause foot pain. Therefore, remember to have a thorough discussion with the customer service team so that they can recommend the proper size for each shoe.

Quick Decision-Making

It is not a good idea to purchase a pair of shoes without first analyzing whether or not they are appropriate for you, as you may come to regret your choice later. To prevent wasting money, you should take your time and consider your options before making a hasty decision to buy a pair of shoes.

Should I buy this custom shoes
Should I buy these custom shoes

First, consider the style you want, that has a wide range of applications. Then, to print on your personalized shoe, pick a design you love. Avoid window shopping since you can actually buy more than you wanted.

Rating New Custom Shoes at a Glance

It is one of the most common mistakes made by both men and women after purchasing shoes, as most individuals wear their new shoes as if they were old shoes for a long time. Consequently, it leads to serious injury and discomfort to their feet. Wearing your new shoes for half of the day is enough to keep your feet safe, as breaking in the leather requires time and patience.

New custom shoes can hurt your feet
New custom shoes can hurt your feet

If you wore the new custom shoes by your own for a day and your feet were bleeding, you may be furious that your new shoes are not worth the money and are of poor quality. Don’t rush into writing a negative review on the website where you purchased personalized shoes. Wait and try on the shoes a few times. Since reviews are one of the most crucial factors to develop a POD website. Too many bad comments on the POD site mean nobody wants to buy their products then. 

Forget Recording Unboxing Video 

On average, a POD website has to process thousands of orders within a day. Therefore, sending the wrong order, or wrong model, or even the failed product is inevitable. Many people have encountered this case and want to complain to the seller but there is no proof. Because in fact, the seller can’t know if the customer intentionally blames them or not.

Unboxing video is necessary
The unboxing video is necessary

To avoid these troubles, it is recommended that you make custom shoes unboxing videos when you receive your custom shoes. Remember to zoom in on order details and film the whole unboxing process, otherwise, it’s useless. Because sellers may think you intentionally cut the video if you don’t have a full video. Many people may think this is annoying, but compare the effort you put into making a 1-minute video to the value of your shoes. It’s really not worth mentioning, is it? 

In addition, if the product quality is good, you can use this video to review the website. They will surely thank you and maybe you will receive a voucher for your next purchase.

Ignoring The Policy on Returns

Check to see if the POD site you’re buying from has a clear and generous return policy. Before deciding on your custom shoes designs, you should know the answers to these questions:

What are the terms of the site’s return policy?

What is the time limit for returning an item on the website?

Dont forget the return policies
Dont forget the return policies

Will the website supply a paid mailing label, or will you be responsible for return shipping costs? 

Can you change the size of the custom shoe if it is too big or too small? 

Is it possible to return an item to a local store rather than mailing it back?

Forgetting The Coupon

What is the best customizable shoe discount you can find? One of the most appealing aspects of Internet purchasing is that it makes it simple for motivated merchants and eager customers to connect.

Save your money with the discount
Save your money with the discount

Let me give you an example: My friend has been considering getting a Marvel personalized shoe, therefore I’ve put up a Google alert for the term “Marvel shoe” within 30 miles of my house. In the last few days, there have been at least a dozen websites advertised there, with several of them giving discounts of up to 70% to those who can get them as soon as possible. Leverage technology for a better shopping experience. 

No Price Comparison

Don’t be confused by a big red slash across a stated list price that claims it’s been drastically reduced. Although one website may advertise a 50% discount on an item, where did the initial pricing come from?

Visit different POD site for the best price
Visit different POD site for the best price

Because some products may not have a price list, the site could have made one up. Alternatively, the site may have exaggerated the list price to make the discount appear larger than it actually is. Several big guys in the POD market have been sued for allegedly misleading customers by changing list pricing.

Fortunately, when you shop online rather than in the mall, it’s easier to figure out how good of a deal you’re receiving.

Good luck and hope you can choose your perfect custom shoes online.

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