Custom face mask tips from an expert

Custom Face Mask Tips: Stay Safe on COVID 19

Face masks have a crucial role in helping slow the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 because it helps partly prevent the distribution of saliva into the surrounding environment. However, if you don’t want to wear disposable face masks, or are annoyed that a mask is a wall hiding your personality, then a custom face mask is a great choice.

Use face mask for you and your family on COVID19
Use a face mask for you and your family on COVID19

Wearing custom face masks in indoor and outdoor places, crowded events or large gatherings is a way to highlight your presence and express who you are. Did you know how to choose a custom design face mask, or to wear them properly yet? I guess this may be a mystery with many people. As a result, we bring you the most useful custom face mask tips with the hope that you can stay safe on COVID 19. 

Where to Buy Customizable Face Mask

If with disposable masks, you just need to go to the pharmacy, or supermarket to buy them, then with the custom reusable face mask, it is even easier. There are many famous POD websites with thousands of designs available and can be customized according to personal taste. With just a few taps and sitting at home, you can order the custom facemasks you like.

Buy face mask on POD site
Buy custom face mask on POD site

 Basically, there are a number of reputable websites and are voted by consumers as trusted places to buy not only custom masks but also other designs such as best custom tshirts, hoodies, hats, home decorations. The trick is to look at the customer reviews at the bottom of each page to find the right site. Do not order from websites that have no reviews, or have many bad reviews, you will not want to receive a product that does not match the description, or do not want a bad buying experience, right.


Select the Right One

Masks only work to minimize the spread of the virus when you choose a custom facemask that is suitable for the size and standard. So be a wise consumer and follow the tips below

  • DO choose face masks custom that: 
  • Have more than two layers and are breathable: a custom airsoft face mask is a great choice because it has many layers and the fabric is also very soft and breathable. You can wear this mask all day without feeling uncomfortable. This type of cloth mask is available on many POD websites such as eBay, Shopify, airsoft gi, tshirt21…
  • Choose custom full face masks: Wearing a mask that doesn’t cover your nose, mouth or the side of your face is like wearing pants without a shirt. It’s useless. Many mask models are of inappropriate length and width, unable to fully cover important parts So please pay attention to the width and length of the mask before ordering. Use a measuring tape to calculate the length from your chin to the tip of your nose and the width between to sides of your face to make sure you buy a mask of the right size.
Choose suitable custom face masks as CDC instruction
Choose suitable custom face masks as CDC instruction
  • DO NOT choose masks that: 
  • Contain hard-to-breath fabric: Materials such as vinyl, wood, or plastic can lead to difficulty in the respiratory process, and even when you wear these face mask custom models for a long time, you can have marks on your face causing discomfort. 
  • Have valves or vents: Masks with valves or vents often make the user comfortable because the air is constantly circulating. However, such masks can cause the virus to escape, or allow the virus outside to enter and destroy your respiratory system.

How to Wear a Custom Face Mask Properly

Have you got your hands on the custom face mask you designed? To use it properly and promote its effects, you should learn how to wear a mask properly to prevent the risk of COVID19.

  • Before touching your custom face mask, wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer.
  • Remove the mask from the box and inspect both sides of the mask for noticeable tears or holes.
  • Decide which side of your custom mask should be on top. The top of the mask has a strong bending edge that is designed to conform to the curve of your nose.
Wear your face mask properly
Wear your custom face mask properly
  • Wear different kinds of custom mask
  • Ear Loops Custom Face Mask: Hold the mask by the ear loops. Make a loop around each of your ears.
  • Custom Face Mask with Ties: Bring the mask up to your nose level and tighten the ties with a bow over the crown of your head.
  • Face Mask with Bands: Bring the mask up to your nose level and draw the top strap over your head so it rests over the crown of your head. Pull the bottom strap around your neck and over your head.
  • Mold or compress the hard edge to your nose’s contour.
  • Take the bottom ties, one in each hand, and tie a bow at the nape of your neck if you’re wearing a custom face mask with ties.
  • Pull the mask over your mouth and chin from the bottom.

Clean Your Custom Face Mask

According to the CDC, there are no hard and fast rules for how often you should wash face masks because it depends on how often you wear them luxury replica watches. Clean your face mask after each user if you want to be extra cautious or think there’s a chance someone is symptomatic or has sneezed or coughed in close proximity.

 You should wash your mask with warm water and a little detergent, then dry at high temperatures to disinfect bacteria. Many POD sites have custom face masks with good materials that can withstand high temperatures. Therefore, you do not need to worry too much about the quality of the product after washing.    

Good luck with your experience of buying and using custom face masks on POD websites. And remember to wear a mask often to protect yourself and those around you.

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